Chakras & Money

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Understanding how your chakra energy directly aligns with your money mindset and relationship to your finances will help you gain clear perspective into them!

Do you feel like you're running on empty? You're broke, tired and living paycheck to paycheck! It's likely that you've been caught in family drama, debt, money shame, and scarcity, consistently settling for less than what you deserve. You're caught up in old wounds and stories and you're letting them dictate your financial future! Until now!

You must learn to manage your money mindset, clear out the poverty ideals and allow money to flow towards you instead of energetically rejecting it.

If you want to make a quantum leap with your finances you must ascend into a new energetic reality. If you want more money, more clients, more business, more connection, more over all abundance in all areas of your life then you must become an energetic match for all of them. It begins with chakra healing and alignment.

This is your invitation to create security and the life of financial independence you deserve!

Do you want to understand how your chakras influence your finances?

  • Do you over spend?
  • Are you a shopaholic?
  • Do you hoard material objects?
  • Are you greedy?
  • Everyday are your hustling?
  • Do you feel stuck, you try and try to get ahead but you just can't seem to?

All of these emotions you face everyday could be symbolic of chakra issues!

Learn now how to identify and release the energetic blockages that are holding you back from living a life of abundance and free of financial worries.

Its time to own your personal power, embody your creative power and open yourself up to the infinite abunadace of the universe! You will heal your money karma forever, align your chakra energy and catapult your business and your life!In my Chakras and Money Master Class you will learn:

💛 How to identify financial blockages with respect to each Chakra

💚 Identify financial patterns that are associated with each Chakra block

💙 How to counter and balance each chakra

💜 Gentle Yoga Poses to balance each chakra

💗 Affirmations to repeat for each chakra to achieve balance

In my course you learn to unlock your chakra energy, leverage its power and create a life of Abundance, Wealth and Happiness in order to

💗 Remove fear

💛 Find your passion

💛 Take action

💚 Remove guilt about earning money

💙 Speak openly & honestly about your financial situation

💜 Powerfully manifest

💗 Connect to the infinite abundance of the universe

Daily people ask me "how do I know which chakra is blocked?" Truly there are many physcial symptoms to identify energetic blocks, these are just a few.

The same way you listen to your body when you feel the onset of a cold, you should also be tuned into the different symptoms in your body that could be present.

Energetic blocks could happen all of a sudden or they could be lingering or even life long aliments. When your body starts to feel off and things just don't make sense: that's when you should take a deeper look at what's going on in your life.

Our body's are made up of energy and constantly working, don't take your sudden sickness lightly. And certainly don't dismiss that general "I don't feel good" there could be underlying chakra issues at play.

"Sandy acted like a flashlight, giving me the clarity I needed to see how I was blocking my own abundance!"

- Gaby, Fitness Instructor

"Sandy was clear nonjudgmental and truly in touch with the healing I needed, I'm very grateful and would do it again!"

-Amanda, Attorney

"This was wonderful! You helped me get more clear on areas for improvment and you gave me hope! Thank you Sandy"

- Ashley, Military Lieutenant